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Shopsmith Scroll Saw
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Scroll Saw Models, Setup & Features

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Figure 15-1. One model of the scroll saw mounts on the MARK V.

The scroll saw is available in two models. One can be installed at the power mount end of the Mark V (Figure 15-1) and the other is a freestanding unit with a separate motor and stand (Figure 15-2). To set up your scroll saw, follow the instructions in the Owners Manual that came with your scroll saw.


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Figure 15-2. A freestanding model is also available.

Important features and capacities of the two scroll saw models are:

  • With the proper blade installed, the scroll saw will cut stock up to 2" thick.
  • It has a throat depth of 20" which means you can cut to the center of a 40" wide workpiece.
  • The blade mounting blocks will accept blades ranging from 1/4" wide (very heavy) to 6/0 (very fine). The stroke of the blade is 1-3/32".

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