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Shopsmith Scroll Saw
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Warning: Before using the scroll saw read and understand these important safety instructions:

  • Wear proper eye protection.
  • Never reach beneath the table while the scroll saw is running.
  • When removing the blade, release the blade tension before loosening the chuck locking pins.
  • Never attempt to cut a radius that's too tight for the blade.
  • Never turn on the scroll saw with stock pressed against the blade.
  • Never cut extremely small stock. Cut small components from larger stock.
  • Adjust and lock the holddown, check blade tension and adjust the blade backup as required for each operation.
  • Install the blade with the teeth pointing toward the table.
  • Before you turn on the machine, turn the drive shaft by hand to be sure the blade moves freely.
  • Do not force stock against the blade or try to cut too quickly.
  • Keep the table tilt locked.
  • Do not use worn or damaged blades, or a worn blade backup.
  • When mounting the scroll saw on the Mark V, secure the accessory mount lock, power plant lock, and the scroll saw mounting tubes.

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